Janina Struk

'Washington in a Word...' tells the story of Washington New Town in the North East of England through more than 50 black and white photographs. They show the town's architecture, portraits of the chief officers responsible for the administration of the town, young people and industrial workers. The accompanying text traces the utopian ideas of Ebenezer Howard and the late 19th Century Garden City movement and examines how those ideas influenced the planning of 20th century New Towns. 

The exhibition was made during my employment as Photographer in Residence in Washington New Town. The six-month residency was funded by Washington New Town Corporation with assistance from Northern Arts in 1984. It was widely exhibited including at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, the South London Art Gallery and in  Brondby, Denmark.


'A Family's Tale' is a photographic narrative of more than 30 images about war, exile and repatriation during the Second World War. Through one family's tale, illustrated with montage images and contemporary photographs and text, the exhibition traces the story of more than 250,000 Poles from Galicia in the former territories of Eastern Poland (now in Ukraine) who during periods of Soviet occupation were deported either to labour camps in the USSR, or, at the end of the war, to newly recovered territories of Western Poland. Many of those who served in the Polish Armed Forces alongside the British were unable to return home and lived in permanent exile in the UK.

This work was exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland in 1998 where I was based during a two month research scholarship awarded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and Education.




Working Lives 1

Working Lives 2



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