Janina Struk

Janina Struk has been a documentary photographer, writer and lecturer for more than 25 years. She has experience of photographing people in a wide range of environments and workplaces and has undertaken photographic assignments in the UK and abroad including Poland, Cuba and Kashmir. Her articles, essays and photographs have been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, The British Journal of Photography, Feminist Review, Nursing Times and Doctor. She is a member of Report Digital photo agency, www.reportdigital.co.uk

Janina Struk is the author of two books, Photographing the Holocaust: Interpretations of the Evidence, (2004) and Private Pictures: Soldiers' Inside View of War, (2011). As a prolific researcher with special expertise in the area of photography in war and the Holocaust, she has extensive knowledge of photographic archives in the UK, Poland, Canada, USA and Israel.

Janina has given papers at national and international conferences and seminars, taken part in discussions on British and Irish national radio and featured in History Detectives, a PBS television documentary and Engineering Evil, a Holocaust documentary for the History Channel. 

She continues to design and teach courses in photography, writing and visual culture to students of all ages and abilities including graduates and postgraduates.

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